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CME Therapy

Cuevas Medek Exercises (CME) is a psychomotor therapy approach developed by Ramón Cuevas. It is based on dynamic and challenging exercises that aim to stimulate and promote the motor development of children with neuromotor disorders.

CME focuses on providing specific movement experiences to activate and strengthen the postural and anti-gravitational muscles of the body. The exercises are designed to challenge the child’s balance, coordination, strength, and motor planning abilities. The ultimate goal is to improve the child’s postural control, mobility, and functional skills.

Here are some key features and principles of Cuevas Medek Exercises:

Dynamic Movement: CME emphasizes the use of dynamic movements during therapy sessions. These movements involve controlled displacements and rotations of the body in response to specific challenges.

Challenging Exercises: The exercises used in CME are intentionally designed to be difficult and demanding for the child. They require active engagement, coordination, and effort to perform. This helps stimulate the child’s motor system and promote development.

Individualized Approach: CME is tailored to the specific needs and abilities of each child. The exercises are selected and modified based on the child’s motor impairments and developmental stage.

Gradual Progression: The therapy progresses in a step-by-step manner, gradually increasing the difficulty and complexity of the exercises as the child’s skills improve. This ensures that the child is appropriately challenged while maintaining a sense of safety and control.

Hands-on Assistance: Therapists providing CME often use manual support and guidance to assist the child during the exercises. This can include providing stabilization, facilitating movements, or applying specific techniques to enhance the child’s motor responses.

Active Participation: CME encourages active participation from the child during therapy sessions. The child is encouraged to actively engage in the movements, problem-solve, and explore different strategies to achieve the desired motor goals.

Parent Involvement: Parents or caregivers are encouraged to participate in CME sessions and learn the techniques and exercises. They can then continue to practice and reinforce the exercises at home to support the child’s ongoing development.

Cuevas Medek Exercises aim to promote motor development, improve postural control, enhance functional abilities, and ultimately increase the child’s independence and quality of life. The challenging and dynamic nature of the exercises helps stimulate the child’s motor system and encourages the acquisition of new motor skills.