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Let us come together, celebrate resilience, and foster a sense of togetherness. By sharing your journey, you can shed light on the challenges face


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Book a free one on one consultation with experts in GABA-A Dr. Rikke Steensbjerre Møller and Dr. Sebastian Ortiz. 


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Participating in the biomarker study is crucial for GABA-A patients as it enables the creation of a cell model specific to your child. Currently, research has primarily relied on artificial models, but by obtaining samples from individuals with GABA-A, we can generate cell lines that can be developed into neurons.


Take Action | Ciitizen

Join the digital Natural History Study. This will help researchers, pharmaceutical companies and government agencies understand that there is a need for the development of drugs and therapies for each GABA A Variant. Read More


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Join the Varient App. An app that allows patients with the same disorder and even same mutation to share medication experiences. Read More


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Join the biobank at CombinedBrain and be part of groundbreaking medical research! Your contribution, such as providing a small blood or urine sample, can help scientists find new cures and treatments for GABA A Variants.


Day to Day Care

There are many challenges for individuals with mutations in a GABA A Varant and it is entirely possible to have a rich and rewarding life. We’d like to help you thrive with your GABA A Variant(s).


Recommended Physicians

These specialists are committed to understanding diagnostic criteria and meeting the diverse needs of individuals affected by GABA-A variants.