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Join Our Digital Natural History Study Through Citizen For 
GABA A Variant Patients

We are currently seeking individuals affected by specific GABA A Variants to participate in our Natural History Study. By enrolling you or your loved one, you can contribute medical data through a HIPAA regulated third party called Ciitizen, which will help advance research towards finding a cure for your specific GABA A Variant. 

By creating a connected community, researchers, companies, and pharmaceuticals will understand the need for research on GABA A Variants and can help to secure grants for research opportunities.

By participating in the study, you will:

Gain complete control over your loved one’s medical records, conveniently consolidated in one place for free.

Signing up only takes 10 minutes. Please note that currently, participation is limited to individuals living in the USA.

Join us today and be part of our collective effort to advance research and improve the lives of individuals with GABA A Variants.

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